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Zenith Dance Troupe is your one-stop-shop for all things entertainment, guaranteed to leave your audience spellbound. Our team has partnered with leading production companies worldwide to bring you shows that redefine awe and amazement.

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Circus Theme

Zenith Dance Troupe presents a spellbinding circus-themed performance, an enchanting experience crafted and conceived by our esteemed team. This act is a vibrant and captivating journey that transports the audience into a realm of wonder, imagination, and unmatched artistry.


Jungle Theme

An awe-inspiring jungle-themed custom theme act meticulously crafted and conceived by the renowned  Zenith Dance Troupe. This act takes the audience on an immersive journey into the heart of the jungle, The primal beat of the drums resonates with the heartbeats of the audience as tribal dancers perform high-energy routines.


Mirror Laser Act

Witness an immersive and dynamic dance performance that flawlessly incorporates dance with the latest technology, music, and stunning visual effects, including mesmerizing lighting and lasers. This innovative and meticulously curated production is the brainchild of the Zenith Dance Company, offering a captivating experience where creativity meets state-of-the-art technology.


Foot Juggling

Prepare to be mesmerized by an extraordinary acrobatic performance featuring world-renowned artists, guaranteed to leave you in awe. This thrilling act will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. These exceptional artists, exclusively with Zenith Dance Troupe, hail from Ethiopia.



The LED Cyr Wheel Act is a mesmerizing experience that will leave you spellbound. Prepare to be awed as our skilled acrobat seamlessly integrates with his apparatus, performing breathtaking stunts while gracefully gliding and spinning across the floor.



A contortion dance act is an incredible showcase of physical flexibility, where artists display their exceptional abilities by moving their bodies in extraordinary ways. Through bending, twisting, and contorting into unique shapes, these highly flexible performers often incorporate their remarkable flexibility into their dance routines.


Carnival Theme

A carnival dance act is an exhilarating and dynamic performance that radiates an infectious sense of celebration. The dancers, adorned in vivid and intricate costumes, move with exuberance, setting the festive tone for the entire carnival. This captivating act showcases a diverse range of dance styles, blending traditional and contemporary movements—from samba in Rio de Janeiro to salsa in the Caribbean.


Tron Act

Vibrant and dynamic, our performance radiates an infectious sense of celebration. Adorned in vibrant and elaborate costumes, our dancers move with exuberance, setting the tone for the entire event with a diverse range of dance styles. From samba in Rio de Janeiro to salsa in the Caribbean, we blend traditional and contemporary movements to create an unforgettable experience.


Holomesh Dance Act

A captivating dance performance that has enthralled audiences around the globe. Imagine stepping into a realm where the lines between reality and illusion blur, where dancers effortlessly combine physical movements with holographic projections. Ethereal holographic displays envelop the dancers, creating a mesmerizing dreamscape within the performance space. These interactions are meticulously choreographed to narrate stories or express emotions in a manner that has never been seen before.


UV Dance Act

An ultraviolet (UV) dance act, also known as a blacklight dance, is a visually captivating and stunning performance. Imagine stepping into a world where darkness transforms into a canvas of radiant hues, and dancers become living, glowing expressions of movement. This UV dance act, an extraordinary fusion of dance and visual artistry, brings this mesmerizing spectacle to life.


LED Drums

Experience a mesmerizing fusion of rhythm and light that will electrify your senses! Our LED Drums act is the perfect addition to elevate your performance to new heights. Available exclusively through Zenith.


LED Interactive AV

The stage is set to be captivated as Zenith Dance Troupe introduces an innovative LED Interactive Act that redefines entertainment at any event! This act brings a futuristic flair to your celebration.



An aerial performance is a captivating and dynamic showcase of exceptional strength and flexibility. Performers glide effortlessly between poses, spins, and drops, demonstrating their physical prowess while executing precise, controlled movements.


LED Cube Act

The LED Cube Act is a visually stunning performance exclusive to Zenith Dance Troupe, seamlessly blending high-tech LED lighting with an interactive cube structure. As the cube transforms with colors and patterns, our performers use its surfaces as dynamic platforms for their movements, creating an unparalleled display of artistry and technology.


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    Zenith is an institution where you can learn the art of not only dance but also hot to make the lively presence on the stage. I have done few shows with Zenith but all the events are memorable for me just because of Zenith's performance with me.

    Parizad Zorabian

    Bollywood Actor

    Dance is being an integral part of my life, when it comes to dance show Zenith is my first choice, most of stage I accompanied Zenith Dance Troupe , Dancers are rhythmatic, energetic and forty skilled.

    Rakhi Sawant

    Bollywood Actor

    I have worked woth Zenith in seven episode at "Bollywood ka Boss" and they worked hard in each episode and supported me very much. I dont know the ABC dance but zenith taught me. I wish zenith will reach great heights

    Boman Irani

    Bollywood Actor

    Zenith is an institution where you can learn the art of not only dance but also hot to make the lively presence on the stage. I have done few shows with Zenith but all the events are memorable for me just because of Zenith's performance with me.

    Parizad Zorabian

    Bollywood Actor