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Dance Troupe for Private events in India
To a please family, is a great responsibility their smiles and their laughter means the world to us. Be it the extended family or company and its employees enjoy or a small get together between only close friends and family, it's their having a good time that brings joy to us.

Zenith Dance Group has been fulfilling this responsibility from the past one and a half decade by bringing joy to the faces of numerous corporates amongst various sectors, who all just wished to spend a pleasant evening with their close ones.

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An anniversary is always a special occasion it is the reassurance of togetherness amongst close ones. It is significant for every ones in a while to reassure our loved ones how much they mean to us. Words are not enough to describe such a feeling. Here Zenith plays the most pivotal role of inspiring and motivating our near and dear one to love us back. Zenith Dance Group also helps you to remind yourselves and your near ones, of the hardships you all have been through in the past years and ignites the flame of new hope , to continue life relentlessly.

Twenty-five years is a long time. A lot may and does change, be it in the corporate lives or our own personal lives. Be it the highs and lows, a company has endured; the time it has invested or let be, what time, only two people have spent and enjoyed.It's a time to celebrate this long journey which you were a part of with your friends and family. It's time to shift this huge burden of enriching the past moments, to the Professionals Dancers at Zenith Dance Group. You deserve to see their smiling faces yet again. Also to remind them of the shining company they all are a part of or to just reaffirm our close ones that together we are one family.

Half a century is what it takes to be invested so as to celebrate a Golden Jubilee! Five decades of consistent and dedicated pursuance relieves a firm or an individual this golden jubilee. It takes fifty years of these speechless moments to be felt on the skin. No one can make this moment last for eternity but Zenith makes sure that you cherish a Golden Jubilee to the bone.


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