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India the land of 84000 Gods, a large number of different ethnicities more than 30 festivals, 29 states, 7 Union Territories with one National Capital region; in a nutshell an amalgamation of all. A pool of different flavors of Indian people, which we represent through our Indian Classical Dance forms. The Zenith Dance Academy teaches you Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Sattriya and Odissi. Our professionally certified instructors will take you to the land of mythological stories with the sign language Indian classical dance forms which are known as "Mudras".

Indian Classical Dance forms are directly connected or originated from the "God". "Nataraja" which means "King of All Dances" is the symbol of balances life and death. The best dance academy in India teaches you all kinds of Mudras with elaborated meaning. Zenith believes in improvising our culture according to the new generation and young dancers. We try to make our culture and tradition alive and interesting for our young talent of India, we understand the feeling and thoughts of youngsters.

We are offering 3 levels of dance classes in all classical dance forms:

Princess of Expression and Mudras, teaching in Zenith from last 10 years. She choreographed many biggest shows and albums in an entertainment industry. She is also assistant choreographer of Mr. Sooraj Katoch.


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Learn 6 Indian Classical Dance forms with Zenith Dance Academy:


Under this training period, you will get a chance to participate in our academy shows to present your talent on stage in front of your family and loved ones. Zenith also works for your personality as a dancer and teaches you How to respect other dancers, elders and Guru. Let's take our Indian Culture to the next level with our young dancers.

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