Hip-Hop Dance classes by best dance academy in India

Learn different styles of Hip-hop Dance near your area. Qualified dance instructors of Zenith will provide you the best dance classes which is difficult to resist.

Our Hip-Hop dance classes have different level of batches:
Instructors will increase your dancing level as per learning skills and performance in the class and may recommend you for reality shows and competitions. Zenith's student "Yash Dhillon" super dancing kids participated in most famous reality show in India "Chak Dhoom Dhoom". You can be thenext dancing star with us.

Dance industry now could be the most famous sector pertaining to youth. Entertainment industry conducting many realities TV shows, movies and competitions for performers who wish to choose dance as their career or profession. As almost half the country is aware about the Hip-Hop dance style and from where this culture is originated, Zenith Dance Academy would like to share about its diverse and unique styles which we teach.

10 most popular Hip-Hop Dance styles:

Dance professional certified from "Olga Lucia" (Columbia) and urban Hip-hop instructor of
Zenith in Delhi.

Hip-Hop dance professional working in the
dance industry from last 5 years in Mumbai.


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Did you know interesting facts about Hip-Hop dance?

This dance form has a wide range of Physical and mental benefits:

Heart and Lungs will start functioning better.
Improve muscular strength.
Good way of toning and muscle strength.
Weight control.
Reduce risk of osteoporosis and make your bone stronger.
Strengthen Physical and mental self-confidence.
Far better social skills.

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