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Zenith Dance Academy in Delhi has been conducting classical ballet teaching sessions for interested students, ages starting from 3 years old to teens with "National Bambuco Beauty Queen of Columbia" and first ballerina in Columbian plays Miss. ANA.

What is ballet?

Ballet is a kind of Dance that originated is 15 century in Italy and become concert dance in Russia and France in coming years. Ballet is dance form which needs dedication, determination and years of practice to become a professional ballet dancer. Today ballet develops and evolves a lot. Ballet is all about posture, position and techniques which were developed long ago in 15th and 16 centuries. Ballet dancer are known for grace and elegance. Ballet dancers are generally striving tall. Ballet dancer practice for years for right posture and pointed toe.

National Bambuco beauty queen, certified and ex-choreographer of "Olga Lucia" in Columbia.

Professional dance trainer, teaching and
choreographer of Zenith from last 6 years. Lead artist infamous Indian albums and performed with films stars like Shashrukh Khan and BomanIrani.


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Learn various Ballet dance styles with Zenith Dance Academy:

Classical Ballet: Classical ballet is based on traditional style. Classical ballet is originated long ago and connected to area of origin. This style of ballet needs strong legs and abdominal part.
Neoclassical Ballet: Neoclassical Ballet is similar to classical ballet but little bit of faster tempos as compare classical ballet.
Contemporary Ballet: Contemporary is mixture of modern and classical ballet. The ballet develops a lot the period of time adopted modern dance forms and techniques.
Ballet costume: Ballet costume and shoe play an important role in ballet performance. Tutu Skirt is the name of the costume for ballet performance which is attached to a bodysuit. Zenith provides dance costume for your body type.

5 Benefits of Ballet Dance for kids:

1) They learn to follow instructions.
2) They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions.
3) They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion.
4) They are active and getting daily exercise.
5) They become comfortable performing before groups.

Good news for men, pull up Ballet shoes and inspire yourself with the movie "Billy Elliot". If this movie is not enough then visit Zenith Dance Academy's Ballet Dance Class today.

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