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Learn modern contemporary dance from the best-known dance academy of India. Zenith Dance Academy based in Delhi and Mumbai offer you with a best blend of Modern, Classical, Ballet, Jazz along with non-western dance features. Contemporary dance acknowledged through its strong footwork, swift torso movements, ballet leaps, various rhythms and directions and smooth body line. This dance form encourages you to use facial expressions and emotions to express the story behind it like a narrator but without words.

Numerous legend contemporary dancers created a benchmark like Martha Graham (America), Merce Cunningham (America) and Mary Wigman (German). They believe in changes for creating something different and new, it's your time to experience something new in contemporary dance from.

Zenith Dance Academy provides you 3 levels of Teaching:

Boneless contemporary trainer and performer of Zenith, his flawless moves and sweet nature will mesmerize you which difficult to resist from his class.

Trained under expert supervision of renowned choreographer. Smiley face of Shivank will force you to join his contemporary dance class in Zenith.


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Do's & don't about Contemporary Dance Forms:

Zenith Dance Academy suggests you some do's and don'ts about contemporary dance so you will not get injured.

Stretch with the help of Wall improves your Flexibility.
Try to do basic body stretches twice a day to become more flexible.
Take tips from your dance teachers and dancers friend.
Don't try an advanced move without any supervision.

Before you dance, always stretch every part our body.
If you're a beginner don't over dance, you might injure yourself.
Always try tricky steps under expert supervision.
Drink less water while doing dance.

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